Baghdara Sanctuary – A sanctuary under the area of Sanjay Tiger Reserve pretty famous for black bucks and other animals in their natural habitat or surroundings.

We visited bagdara sanctuary on 18th May to study and witness the wildlife and their natural habitat and hence started our journey from Sidhi towards amiliya via patpara by road in our private vehicle Innova. after reaching amiliya we turned right on sihawal Road and after sihawal we continued on Bichi road, At Bichi there is a forest checkpost cum residence of forest guards and there we met Mr Ramesh Kumar Sharma the forest Guard or Vanrakshak.

He told us about the ranges and circles of bagdara sanctuary and also about the migrating Birds and the resident fauna especially e the legendary black bucks due to whom it was declared a wildlife sanctuary

No of circles in Baghdara – 03 i.e Bichi, Bagdara and Gopla with total of 14 Ranges 05 in Bichi, 05 in Baghdara and 04 in Gopla.

The government through the forest department is also taking initiative to develop the sanctuary areas by developing Man – Made Lakes, Upgrading the natural Lakes and also planting and caring the trees. He explained all the places from Bichi to bhagdara and also near baghdara where he showed us a group of black bucks.

The area is potentially invaded through human establishments which is getting dense as well as moving much nearer to the jungle. As per the local people, they are not happy by the decision of making their place a Sanctuary where they cannot utilize jungle as per their needs as they and their ancestors used to, Since the civilians have different thoughts for the protected areas, they are not supporting the Conservation as well as the development activities.

Being a Wildlife Sanctuary, we still need to search for the places that were actually on finger tips where some of the habitats of land and water animals were left. Due to so much of interferences of humans, they are limited to some small places and for some small time intervals. Baghdara has potential to develop in all means and become a strong area of visit in Sanjay Tiger Reserve. Poaching activities are also common in these areas due to less movement or limited movements of forest guards and the human establishment density populated nearby the protected areas.

I can conclude this study as a positive note by saying that it needs a deep attention and care from both the people and the government to enhance the facilities for animals residing, also the tourists visiting there have no such place to reside in that area and Forest rest house is not open for tourists.

To Stay: Forest Rest house Baghdara – 02 Rooms as per forest department.

We will definitely visit again to mark the progress highlighted. Definitely we all can join hands to make Sustainable tourism in this Sanctuary of Sanjay Tiger Reserve.

Monitored, Compiled and Posted by  Vikas Singh Baghel (President SNHC India)

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