Development of Tourist Spots in the Baghelkhand region or Baghelkhand Plateau of Madhya Pradesh When we talk of major region in Madhya Pradesh, we have BaghelKhand, Bundelkhand, Malwa and nimar. We compare all four Bundelkhand and Malwa have good gathering of tourist every year, but Baghelkhand even having good name in history is unable to attract much Tourists to its Land.

SNHC India have takes initiative under its section Local Tourism Development the work of advertising through online promotion as well as develop the potential tourist spots as well as facilities to attract Indian as well as foreign tourists.

The Baghelkhand region most of the same is also known as ‘’ vindhya region “and witness goddess of “Maihar Devi” “Sharda” and “vindhyavasini Devi” which is now in Uttar Pradesh. It has very famous history of Baghelkings as well as “Birbal or Mahesh Das” that was and is very famous in tales for his wisdom and was also in the “nine jewels of King Akbar”.