In today’s Hi-tech world people forgot to respect their mother earth or nature and its giving. Because nature is everywhere and free to everyone due to which they don’t give any value or respect to it. Most of them might think that I am rude or saying harsh words, but this is a truth in today’s time.

Birds are the sweet messengers of nature, with which they give us good message and education to all human beings. Therefore, try to make habit of giving food to these sweet birds. Nature’s existence in the form of birds, animals, greenery etc is that much important like a food or water to all for their living. We need to protect their existence.

Animals also have equal rights like human beings to survive on earth. All living beings are made by the same super power(God), we human beings don’t have any right to hurt or misuse them  or to destroy them. We should love them, and need to stop those people who misuse or hurt these animals, as all animals are equally important to us.

Does today’s man really understand the importance of nature and the environment around them? Does he understood the truth about moon, stars, sunshine, cold winds, lavishly beautiful trees, humming birds, and immense sea?

We need to stop cutting of trees, and plant more trees and take care of them. Trees play a vital role in human being’s life, tree is our good friend. Birds make their nests on these trees and it also help in protecting the heat from the sun by providing shade to this human being in sunny season. Apart from this, many ayurvedic medicines are also prepared from trees which help in the treatment of many diseases related to human body. Trees not only give fresh air but also make the environment beautiful.

After seeing all this and thinking, he decided that he should now do something for the nature and animals, and also make an effort to teach or give knowledge to others, make them aware about this.