Literature Development / Periodicals

Promoting and understanding conversation is one of the most important goals we aim to achieve. In much of the western world there is a mistaken assumption that the main goal of conservation is the save the habitat of animals, and to protect animal life. However what many people do not realise is that conservation is integral to our own human survival too: without it, our life on the planet is impossible. Climate change is directly correlated to a world without conservation, and the world as we know it would collapse completely if our conservation efforts prove to be unsuccessful.

Through our publication i.e. SNHC Journal – A quarterly English  magazine of central India on sensitizing people for Nature, we are reaching Educational institutions at National Level, all forest divisions of India, libraries of different Govt. departments, NGO’s and people in nature conservation etc. We have been publishing this since February 2020 and have received very good response and commendations from all over the India and some part of the world too. We have 35500+ E – distributions & 2500+ Hard copy distributions all over India and abroad.

We are also preaparing documents on the summary of conferences and other activities through our yearly Sovenir, to showcase the activity and conference sessions as well as the articles on way forward in conservation of the covered species.