Lesser Known Species Conservation

Conference on ‘‘Lesser Known Species of Madhya Pradesh’’ : 
The conference aimed to draw attention to the lesser-known species residing in Madhya Pradesh, highlighting their conservation needs and addressing the challenges faced in ensuring their survival. Among the lesser-known species discussed during the conference were the Indian Skimmer, Lesser Florican, Black-Bellied Tern, Caracal, Pangolin, Indian Wolf, Fishing Cat, Wild Dog, and River Dolphin. These species, often overlooked in the broader conservation discourse, play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance.

The conference served as a platform for stakeholders, researchers, and conservationists to come together, sharing insights and perspectives on the conservation efforts and management challenges associated with these lesser-known species. The deliberations led to increased awareness, with many researchers and NGOs expressing their commitment to undertake research projects and conservation measures.

The Madhya Pradesh State Biodiversity Board (MPSBB) extended invitations for projects and financial support to encourage further study and research on these species. The collaborative efforts of researchers, NGOs, and governmental bodies underscored the collective responsibility in conserving these often-neglected species. Shri Jasbir Singh Chauhan, PCCF Wildlife & CWLW Madhya Pradesh, expressed the Forest Department’s commitment to conserving caracals, hinting at potential reintroduction efforts in suitable regions of Madhya Pradesh. He emphasized the crucial role of NGOs in wildlife management and conservation, particularly in mitigating human-wildlife conflicts. Shri Suhas Kumar, IFS (Retd), welcomed the focus on the status of small cats in Madhya Pradesh, highlighting the importance of this information in shaping conservation management plans for these lesser-known feline species.

In conclusion, National Conference on ‘‘Lesser Known Species of Madhya Pradesh’’ stands as a pivotal milestone in elevating the conservation discourse to encompass the richness of biodiversity that extends beyond the charismatic megafauna. It serves as a rallying point for concerted efforts towards preserving the intricate web of life that defines Madhya Pradesh’s ecological tapestry.

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